Ответ: What’S Another Word For It States?

What presume means?

to take for granted, assume, or suppose: I presume you’re tired after your drive.


to assume as true in the absence of proof to the contrary.

to undertake with unwarrantable boldness.

to undertake (to do something) without right or permission:to presume to speak for another..

What are the types of states?

Types of state can be separated into two categories: democracy and dictatorship.

What is the definition of state of emergency?

A state of emergency is a situation in which a government is empowered to be able to put through policies that it would normally not be permitted to do, for the safety and protection of their citizens.

What is another word for citizen?

Synonyms forcivilian.inhabitant.national.resident.settler.voter.commoner.dweller.

What’s another word for says?

What is another word for say?speakdeclarepronouncestateuttervoiceexclaimremarkannouncemention217 more rows

What is the opposite of stayed?

Word. Antonym. Stay. Leave, Move. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is state a country?

A State is a political unit that has sovereignty over an area of territory and the people within it. … You may be wondering about the difference between a ‘country’ and a ‘State. ‘ A country is simply another word for State. The United States can be referred to as either a ‘country’ or a ‘State.

What is another name for society?

Society Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for society?associationclubgroupfellowshipalliancebandbodycirclecliquecommunity61 more rows

What is another word for it states?

What is another word for it states?it claimsit exclaimsit mentionsit saysit announcesit conveysit disclosesit divulges

What is a good synonym for said?

Here are dialogue words you can use instead of ‘said’, categorised by the kind of emotion or scenario they convey:Anger: Shouted, bellowed, yelled, snapped, cautioned, rebuked.Affection: Consoled, comforted, reassured, admired, soothed.Excitement: … Fear: … Determination: … Happiness: … Sadness: … Conflict:More items…•

What is another word for local government?

What is another word for local government?councilassemblygoverning bodygovernmenthuddlelegislaturemeetingpanelpowwowsenate81 more rows

What is the opposite word of state?

“The defendant has done everything in his power to mislead and pervert the course of justice.”…What is the opposite of state?askconcealhidelistenmumblequestionbe quietdenygainsaydisavow23 more rows

Will an antonym?

Antonyms for willdislike.hate.hatred.indecision.question.wavering.weakness.distaste.More items…

Is state another word for government?

Government Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for government?administrationregimestateauthorityexecutiveministryrulecabinetcouncildirectorate26 more rows

What means utter?

verb (used with object) to give audible expression to; speak or pronounce: unable to utter her feelings; Words were uttered in my hearing. to give forth (cries, notes, etc.) with the voice: to utter a sigh. … to express (oneself or itself), especially in words.

What is state mean?

State is defined as a territory with its own government and borders within a larger country. An example of a state is California. The definition of a state is your current status or condition. An example of state is when you are dirty and sad.

What to say instead of says?

272 Words to Use Instead of “Said”accusedcorrectedlamentedchortledgushedquippedchorusedhintedquizzedchuckledhissedragedclaimedholleredranted63 more rows

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